Bryan needs to be careful — Trish has her own band of followers that will bump him out of the way if he doesn’t treat her right. The image below of Dr Diggler is “fan art” of Trish, etc. from a friend (hey! hey! that’s Benevolent Order of Beavers! Not a mammaryly-obsessed insult, thank you!) And the image of Trish getting her tush polished is inspired by my friend’s art.

If I can ask a favor of folks willing to participate …

If a couple 5$ and 10$ patrons could follow the links below and let me know if you’re able to access the pages, I’ll email you back a link to an additional bonus image. Email me at and let me know your patron level (5$ or 10$) and which ones of the four links you were able to access:

In a couple days, I’ll do this again, but with 1$ and 5$ patrons.

A big thank you to participants!