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Awwwright! WHO spiked Dr Diggler’s eggnog, to put him in such a good mood?!

Yep, that’s the old Bastard of the History Department himself — Diggler, HIMSELF! — grinning with a big ole’ Noel joy on his face. Of course, even diabolical villains enjoy the holiday season.

The lady on the left is Trish’s older sister, Selena. She’s the more demure, new-agey, hippie member the three sisters. The lady on the right is Trish’s younger sister, Elaine, the more forward, competitive of the three sisters.

The second image below is also of Trish’s older sister, Selena. Long timers may notice that I’ve reworked Selena’s hair a little bit from earlier test sketches. It’s a little more loose and easy-going now, like her.

The two sisters play a large role in level 3 of the game (that I’ll be working on as soon as I get v0.7 out). Trish calls in her two sisters for moral support, to help reorient her moral compass back where she knows it ought to be. It’s Bryan’s job to dominate and seduce them — sort of practice runs before he does it for real with Mom (technically, stepmom).

As I mentioned, I’m working on getting v0.7 together to release. I have 7 more sequences I want to get into it before I call it ready (there are a few other odds and ends too, but basically the 7 additional sequences). I’ll keep you all posted on my progress through them, and when we’re getting close to release.

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