For the last couple weeks I’ve been focusing mostly on “Detective Chicks” and letting “Hero Falls” simmer in my subconscious. It’s pretty certain that’s the order they’ll be coming out in — “Detective Chicks” first.

I’m trying scribbling out the text version, and then implementing that in the game this time. I think “Dollars and Sins” was the last time I took that approach, but it worked out fairly well that time. Plus, I think I’m able to work the plot out a little better when writing the text than when working on the game (though I think dialogue seems to work better when I’m crafting out games — go figure).

The subtitle for “Detective Chicks” is the title of this post: a librarian, a dental hygienist and a factory worker walk into a mystery. You’ve already seen the librarian — that was Angie Holloway, the redhead from two posts ago ( The dental hygienist, Debbie Buckley, is the blonde attached to this post. She has a college-aged son, Daniel; and a husband, Dennis, that is sort of a HISN (Husband I’m Stuck with Now, Debbie says). And of course her two dearest friends, Angie (goody two shoes that has read too many mysteries and keeps getting the trio into trouble) and Rylie (we’ll meet her next post).

While I’m carving out the plot, I’m also trying out and refining characters, and I have pretty much everyone cast now except for a neighborhood guy named Harvey (and I’m not sure yet even how much of a role Harvey will play in the game or not).

Next post will have an image of Rylie Doyle, the third member of our clique of friends. I think her profile worked out fairly nice.

Live well,