That Relaxed, Just-Blew-Every-Last-Fuse-Of-Mine Look

Also, below, that just-quivered myself-right-outta-my-chair-and-simply-don’t-care look.

The fifth update of “A Matter of Will” is now available. A firmly angry Jennifer fumes by the kitchen table, has her first encounter with that chamber of the vile goddess, and finds herself … softened. And marinated in happy, and mulekicked into a better mood. But Kyle hears the little squirrel sounds of lessons not learned and more trouble brewing …

This was a fun chapter. Jennifer’s character is a pleasure to write for and to illustrate.

We would also catch our first instances of actual nudity in this chapter. So far, it’s been mostly implied nudity. I had planned to use pixelization for the free version — but. But. Pixelization did not work here. When I was doing test sketches of Jennifer, it seemed appropriate for her to have semi-dark nipples. And the darned things just show through the pixelization like it wasn’t even there. So I’m afraid it’s “attack of the flesh-colored obscuring blobs,” guys. Sorry.

I’m almost done revising my game engine to execute logic at the correct time, and expect to have it done for the next update. If I do, 10$ patrons and above will receive a runcode that removes the obscuring blobs. (If that’s the only reason you’re pledging 10$, you might want to wait two weeks and make sure I do have it ready to go then — I’m about 80% confident I will, but it might be an additional two weeks.)

Anyway, hope everyone enjoys!

Live well,

that just-quivered myself-right-outta-my-chair-and-simply-don’t-care look

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