original placeholder cover for AMOW

Just small tweaks to the online version of “A Matter of Will 1,” but I DO have downloadable versions now for 20$ supporters. Also, I updated the overview of my available works for the last several years.

For 20$ supporters, I have entries for you in the credits (let me know if your name needs tweaking or anything). I also have downloadable versions of visual novel 1 for you, which plays significantly faster than the online version. You also have all my artwork for the VN, just in case the internet is ever destroyed by nuclear war, zombies or other catastrophes. I have PG- and R-rated versions available (there’s also an unrated version for you too, if you are interested in that). I will post the links to all these separately for you. And thank you again for your great support!

I also updated the overview of all the works I’ve released over the last several years. Gotta say — I’ve kept pretty busy! If you’re a newer supporter, take a look through it — you may find other works to fall in love with. The free-version link is further below. For 10$ and 20$ supporters, I’ll pose links separately, since there are a few more unlocked links for you.

A note about the images for this posting. I already posted the cover for AMOW books 1 and 2 last posting, so I cast my net a little wider for this posting. The first image (of the pretty lady with the bound necklace) is what I used as a placeholder for “A Matter of Will” until I finally got around to scribbling and doodling all of it. The lovely model is actually Madolyn from “Dollars and Sins” and kudos go to her son for talking her into posing for it.

The other image is of David Lopan IV and the (rather bitchy) professor Michelle Gatsby, from “Diabolical Dr Diggler” and “Symposium”. Note that this David Lopan is not the renowned one, but his great grandson, with, oddly enough, green eyes.

Up next, I plan to start in with chapter 1 of “A Matter of Will” book 2 (the finale), about the 24th of this month. Pretty soon after that, I will need to skip an update in order to work on a modification to the Mouse game engine, but I wanted to at least move on into book 2 before that.

The link below is for the freely-available version of “A Matter of Will” book 1. I’ll post the links for 10$ and above supporters (including the links for the downloadables for 20$ supporters) separately at Patreon and SubscribeStar.


The freely-available updated “Overview” of my projects is below. I’ll post links for 10$ and 20$ supporters separately at Patreon and SubscribeStar.


Hope you all enjoy!

If you get impatient and want to read ahead to see how the story ends, the entire series is now available at Amazon and at Smashwords.

David Lopan IV and Michelle from Symposium

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