Another page for Heavy Petting issue 5. I’ll have additional pages up on Wednesday and Friday this week.

This issue is scripted for 20-ish pages (so probably somewhere between 18 and 22 pages by the time I’m done, depending on how the panels fit onto the pages).

And for those that want to sit down and “binge”-read the entire issue, rather than each new page every couple days (I often prefer that too), I’m going to release the full issue as a PDF (and as a CBZ, or zip of the page images) when the issue is completed.

Also, peering further into the future, once I finish this Heavy Petting issue, a Dr Diggler issue will be next, and probably another Heavy Petting issue after that (I’ve already started scripting that Heavy Petting issue: Barbara sits down with her stepson Kevin and has a talk with him — the young man seems to be trying to sleep his way through every one of her friends and acquaintances! He can’t DO that! What is he THINKING?! … Where will it STOP?!).

Live well