We’re getting ready to wrap up the end of Heavy Petting, issue 5 — we should post the last page Wednesday.

I’ll have a 1-page quickie on Friday. It will be part of a “Brainstormers” series I’m loosely lumping together, where I’ll be jotting down some ideas and doodling some images for future possibilities. Some Brainstormers issues will wind up being expanded into full comics on their own; others — well, I may just get the idea out of my system by jotting it down. Friday’s a single page of a possible story called “French Benefits.” I’m not entirely pleased with the page yet, so this one may be one of those “jot down the notes and get it out of your system” deals — we’ll see.

I’m going to bundle Heavy Petting issue 5 (that we’re wrapping up Wednesday) into a PDF and a CBZ, that I’ll make available sometime next week (likely Monday).

Next up, starting late next week or the following week, is a Dr Diggler story. Bryan and his friend Sammy head off with the cheerleader’s hot mom, and — since this IS Symposium week — things get a lot more fun than you might expect …

Second bit of news: I’m trying out a WordPress area for new blog pages. It will have a few nicer features than what I’ve been doing so far, especially for comments, etc. Bear with me while I get comfortable speaking WordPress-ese to my server.

The cutie attached (I like to think of her as a girlfriend’s perky mom …) is G-rated if you’re looking at it in the Patreon post; if you’re looking at it at the outward-facing pages of my blog, it will be PG-rated. For the full R-rated version, head to my blog site at https://www.blog.fuguetales.com/misc/misc-1-01/ and click on the image. You should be prompted to confirm that you’re over age 18, and then the image will go from PG to R. If you don’t get prompted to confirm your age, or if anything else quirky happens, please let me know. So far it seems to test okay for me, but I’m not a WordPress expert yet.

Like I posted for patrons earlier this morning, you guys are the best. Thank you all for your support!