Rated R: only click image above if you’re an adult not offended by strong language or sexy/sexual situations


This week we wrap up the first issue of Symposium — and find out if Bryan is able to sidestep becoming the baby daddy of the college cheerleader’s MILFy mom.

I’ll collect all the pages together into the full issue and have it as a PDF and as a CBZ for you all — probably next Monday if everything goes smoothly.

I had planned on moving on to another issue of Heavy Petting next (titled “Mom Makes Waves”, Barbara finds her college-age son Sammy sleeping with every hot MILFy friend she has! Where will he stop?!). But before we go to that, I want to digress with a 1-issue story with the MILFy model I posted a couple weeks ago. This issue is exactly what the BrainStormers series is for — short one-off stories. When we get to the end, we’ll find that this one’s actually a mild horror story.

I’ll post the cover on Friday, and plan to start posting the pages next Wednesday. There will be about 20 pages in this issue.

Last but not least is today’s bonus page, revisiting our hero and heroine Bryan and Patricia. Trish is just wandering up the hallway, being her sexy self, when– crap! Who hung up the sexy photo of her?! Oh, that’s not good …