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Dr Diggler wins by a nose — granted that’s a big ol’ honker he has, but a nose nonetheless.

Thank you all for the feedback on which projects you want to see worked on next! And I’ll be prioritizing Dr Diggler, especially the game, for the near future. I should also have good news for fans of most of the other projects too, though I still need to check on a couple things before I confirm that. Give me a couple more weeks to get a couple technical topics worked out, and I think I’ll have fairly good news for most of you.

Well, Trish is starting to settle into that post-tickle horny period in the Meanwhile series. Can Bryan kindle that warming spark into … something?

For Heavy Petting, we have pages 17, 18 and 18M1 (think: an inserted page 18.5) up this week. Bryan learns the sad situation (okay, really hot situation) of Margo the Reporter’s stripper sister — ehr, schoolteacher sister. A couple cat-yowls pass between Gabby and Margo. And Kevin realizes: y’know, Mom’s BFF is … really pretty hot!

I’ll have a favor to ask patrons of a couple levels on Tue or Thu of this week, and a couple bonus images for those that participate.

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