Thanks for everyone that tried the links from Tuesday’s post. I’m trying out the Patreon WordPress plugin Pro, which comes with good reviews (and I’ll leave another good review for them if it works well for me too). Tuesday’s post was restricted to 10$ patrons and above. Today’s post tests for 5$ and above patrons.

What the plugin does is check if your Patreon account is at or above the level specified, so it needs to check your Patreon account. These steps let you do that:

First, look over on the right-hand sidepanel of my site here. The third box down is titled “Meta”. The second link inside the Meta panel should be “Log in” for you. Click that link.

It will take you to a page to log in. DON’T log in there. Instead, there’s a big orange button in the center that says “Log In With Patreon”. Click that.

If you’re already logged in to Patreon, it will skip this step and go directly to the next paragraph. If you are NOT logged in to Patreon, when the Patreon page comes up, enter your Patreon userid and password for them, and click “Log in”.

It will then prompt you that:

Fugue Blog would like to …
• View your public profile
• View your email address

This is how the Patreon Pro plugin can tell, “Oh, this guy is a 10$ patron!” and let you view the post. Go ahead and click “Allow” for this.

That’s it. It’s longer describing it than doing it, but that should let you in to all the posts your pledge level lets you in. When you’re done at my site, if you feel better about logging out, the “Log in” link in the “Meta” panel is now a “Log out” link, and you can use that.

I have actually watched a friend go through these steps, and seen them work successfully (at least for her). If you run into snags, let me know, and I’ll see what I can do. So far I’m still just testing the plugin, and there are only the two posts (today’s and Tuesday’s) gated by it. It’s the best-of-class plugin, and I sure will be able to stay saner with a simpler method of giving my higher patrons better rewards.