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Look, just because I let you spank me, young man, does NOT mean you’re in charge here.

This week in Heavy Petting 6, “Mom Makes Waves” (pages up on Mon, Wed and Fri) … Barb (jealously) wonders what it’s like to have her all pleasure fuses blown … she tip-toes quietly so she doesn’t wake up that (slobbering) bitch daughter of hers … and she … climbs mount pleasure …

Also this week, I’m continuing with 3 more little wisecrack posts for 10$ patrons. And I widened last week’s 3 wisecracks to 5$ patrons — go to https://www.blog.fuguetales.com/patrons7/ , where you should find 3 entries listed for May 2019, which will take you to the “widened” posts. Let me know if it gives you any trouble.

Meanwhile on Meanwhile page 22 (up today — link below), Bryan witnesses for himself the rumored “Afterspank” effect that ladies are sometimes subject to. Ah, but he has a plan …


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