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If I ever told him about THAT … he’d NEVER get his mind off Mrs Campbell and me …

Three more pages of “The Devotion of Theresa Simpson 1a” are up on Monday through Wednesday this week. Paul is so tired he thinks he’s seeing things … wearing the most clothes she’s worn all day, Theresa puts Paul to bed … and Paul slips off into a minor coma …

Three more pages of “Aftermarket 2” are up for 10$ and above patrons, on Thursday through Saturday. Marc shows up in the women’s BATHROOM?! … he pokes a finger in Jeanine’s face … and she will just follow him to the ends of the earth!

Meanwhile on Meanwhile page 31 (up today — link below), Trish realizes she’d better NEVER mention to Bryan that she’s kissed Mrs Campbell … while, y’know … they were both naked …

He’d never be able to think straight after that!

In gaming news, I’ve added in an extra studying sequence in the Dr Diggler game in level 2, and plan to add in two more studying sequences this week. Longer term, I also have several more “chat” sequences and “call dad” sequences I want to add in, and to start the first part of level 3, and then will start scheduling the next release.

Hope you enjoy!

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