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Yeah … no matter what Bryan’s filthy little fantasies insist, Mrs Campbell cannot lesbianize me.

Just. Not. Happening.


Three more pages of “The Devotion of Theresa Simpson 1a” are up on Monday through Wednesday this week. Wow, Paul had a wild dream! In it, his mom was running around, skimpily dressed, nearly half-nak– … she tells him that things have changed — a lot — and to please not judge her TOO harshly … and Brad gets a little sugar from his honey.

Three more pages of “Aftermarket 2” are up for 10$ and above patrons, on Thursday through Saturday. Jeanine sucks finger, bewildered that she’s just LETTING hubby’s boss grope her … and strip her … and she’s astounded at just how TURNED ON it’s all making her!

Meanwhile on Meanwhile page 32 (up today — link below), Bryan and Trish both head to bed, her being forcefully honest that Bryan’s little fantasies are just not ever coming true. Just not happening. Ever.

In gaming news, I’m finishing up the last studying sequence. Next up are two more chat sequences — Bryan walks in on Trish in the bathroom when she’s naked; and he walks in when she’s bathing, and I want him to talk her into standing up while she’s in the tub. Wet. Dripping. Not believing she’s just showing him all her good parts …

Hope you enjoy!

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