Rated R: only click images if you’re an adult not offended by strong language or sexy/sexual situations

I’ll be sleeping very much alone. You can trust me on that. Nobody’s going to–

Dr Diggler?! Susan Campbell?! What are you two doing in my BED?! NAKED in my bed?!

Three more pages of “The Devotion of Theresa Simpson 1a” are up on Monday through Wednesday this week. Paul meets his mom’s new “sexual obsession”?! … Brad: Just thinking with her p***y again … Theresa: Language, young man! (yeah, once a mom, always a mom) …

Three more pages of “Aftermarket 2” are up for 10$ and above patrons, on Thursday through Saturday. Jeanine just … LETS her hubby’s boss take off her pants?! She just … whimpers naked before him?! And LETS him see how insanely aroused she is right now?!

Meanwhile on Meanwhile (page up today — see link below) … ever notice how just when you set your determination to live a straight and narrow life, a lusty couple show up naked in your bed to confuse the heck out of everything?

In gaming news, finished two sequences, but changed up what I had planned for the first study sequence. Instead, Trish takes the first nekkid selfies of her entire life and sends them to … her son. They discuss her sexual fur, then she makes a phone call to someone …

Hope you enjoy!

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