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Trish: Ohmigod! I remember now! I AM a lesbian plaything for the diabolical Doctor!

The final page of “The Devotion of Theresa Simpson 1a” is up on Monday. Theresa WARNED Paul not to be a hero, and what did the little jerk turn right around and do? He has NO CLUE about the forces he’s messing with here!

Now we actually have a choice of what comic to start next for the free postings each week. We can pick up an extra Dr Diggler tale, with “Trish Models the Choker,” and it’s JUST a choker, for Bryan. Bryyyyan, she complains, that’s not an outfit! That’s jewelry!

Or we can pick up the second half of Theresa Simpson chapter 1 and follow Paul as he learns of some of the many degradations poor Theresa has been through.

I’ll probably post a survey for patrons on Tue or so, to get your input for which comic we’d like to go to next.

On the Aftermarket front, we have three more pages of “Aftermarket 2” up for 10$ and above patrons, on Thursday through Saturday. Marc knows his business partner has a soft spot in his little pacemakered heart for the receptionist, so Marc offers: mi Katie, su Katie … Kenneth plans to do some really rude things to rattle little Katie’s brains … and Jeanine arrives home from a most bizarre lunch only to find her son and his best friend bizarrely with their noses pressed to the window, studying something on the street …

Meanwhile on Meanwhile (page up today — see link below) … the haze clears from Theresa’s memories, and she recalls that she and Susan Campbell have done sexy frolicking for Dr Diggler before!

In gaming news, worked on another chat sequence, plus I added several more pubic hairstyles for that phonecam filter that you can try.

Lastly, the Aftermarket pages will start going to wider release, to 5$ patrons, in the next couple weeks.

Hope you enjoy!

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