Rated R: only click images if you’re an adult not offended by strong language or sexy/sexual situations

I have a few bonus images for you all. Two are attached and a few more will be coming in the next few days.

The image above is of a character, Carmella. You can think of her as a ridiculously sexy librarian that just can’t quite stay in stern character. You could also think of her as Fugue’s sister — his very much better-looking sibling 🙂

The lady below is another character that I don’t think I’ve posted before, though we’ve met her son. In the Aftermarket tale, our hero’s best friend is David Ailescroft — that our hero’s bully, Craig, was after a few pages back in that comic. The image below was the character sketch I did for his mom, Genesis Ailescroft. She hasn’t made her way into the comic yet, but she will. Also, she doesn’t normally dress quite so frisky (Underboob?! Really, Mom?!). But lots of folks in Aftermarket find themselves doing things they never expected to do.

A couple weeks ago, I tried posting some images on Deviant Art. Most of them right now are reposted from my games and comics, though some, like Genesis below, are from where I was planning for future arcs.

You can check out the images at www.deviantart.com/fuguetales if you’re interested.

Lastly, I started doodling a couple special images for Halloween this year and, as usual, got a little enthusiastic and carried away, and I have several bonus Halloween images now, that I’ll be posting (probably at the Deviant Art link) over the next week or so. I can mass-post them here after Halloween too if you guys want — let me know if you do.

Hope you enjoy!

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