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Prof. Williams, you’re … kinda hot?!

The Symposium game (AKA Dr Diggler Chapter 3) had a mini-game embedded in it as an Easter egg, where you could help Dr Diggler slowly work his magic on Lisa and her social circle toward getting her to succumb to his diabolical ways. I have that mini-game pulled out now as it’s own full-fledged game, called “Lisa Unwound”, that I’m going to release separately soon.

You still get to help Diggler work through a strong-minded college girl (Lisa’s best friend, Pauline). After that, you start working on her mother, stuffy Professor Linda Williams (above). After you turn Linda into your own little professorial sex kitten, you’ll be able to start in on Lisa (she’ll be a future update).

(In case you’re interested, the reason I want to get a release of Lisa Unwound out before continuing with Dr Diggler and the seduction of Trish’s two sisters, is that I tried a little different way of doing the game logic with Lisa Unwound. It’s organized more along the characters than the events, and lets characters evolve just a little while still keeping the programmer (yours truly) sane when he’s down in the logic weeds. I want to make sure that the promising ideas hold up with an actual game before moving them into Dr Diggler with the third level.)

I want to get at least halfway through the Professor Williams’ story, but expect it to go fairly fast. Maybe a release in (this is just a ballpark figure for now) 3-6 weeks, depending on the workload of my mundane job. I’ll keep you posted with firmer details week by week as I get the work done.

I also widened three more Aftermarket 2 pages for 3$ patrons (see www.blog.fuguetales.com/patrons3/ for links).

The image below (of Bobby’s mom, Jeanine, from Aftermarket) is from some Valentines images I doodle up while watching TV a few nights. If you’re interested, several more of your favorite ladies are sexy or nude at https://www.deviantart.com/fuguetales

Have a great week, everyone!

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