Rated R: only click images if you’re an adult not offended by strong language or sexy/sexual situations

Bobby: Wow, Mrs Sanderson, you sure can get excited over a shamrock …

See, the problem when I get near the final sequences of a game before release is that I can’t show the images to you on a PG-rated page. Most of them are mild R-rated. So today’s two images are ones I doodled back in December, figuring to use them when St Patrick’s Day came around. Remember Bobby from the “Aftermarket” game? These are of Amber Sanderson, his teacher and guidance counselor from back when he was in high school. She and her husband were also really good neighbors to Bobby and his family. Really responsible neighbors. Bobby really respected both her and her husband.

Now she’s just … really hot.

Since she’s been … treated … by the conspiracy, she’ll do … things. Sexual things. Eagerly. Bobby was about to discover that in the next issue of “Aftermarket” — which we’ll get back to (probably in game form, rather than comic form) after I do some more work on “Dr Diggler”.

Like I mentioned last update, I’m been working on two sequences for “Lisa Unwound.” I’ve decided I need to add in two more short sequences, to get to a good stopping point for players when you play the new release. The two extra sequences are short, though, and we’re still on track to release this version of “Lisa Unwound” late this month.

Last week I widened the last four pages of the Aftermarket issue 2 comic to 3$ patrons, and that’s the last of the comics in the queue for now.

I did include one more mildly R-rated image for you guys. Only click the shamrock below if you’re not offended by near-nudity.

Have a great week, everyone!

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