Jen seems to be quite happy at the moment

The 18th update of “A Matter of Will” is now available. Kyle sorta tones down the broadcast message for Jen about how amazing his lips are to her. Kayla nearly wets herself when she gets back, thinking excitedly about Kyle taking a firm hand with her. And Bill starts his explanation of what the heck is actually going on here.

The next update will be in four weeks, rather than the usual two. I need to use the extra two weeks to retool my compiler a little. I’m not happy with the way it handles R-rated images (for patrons, if an image doesn’t start off hidden, it shows the censored image for a moment before switching to the uncensored image, which is annoying).

And the next update, chapter 19, has a bit more nudity in it, as do the chapters after it, where we learn more about the experiences that scarred and twisted Bill. So time to bite the bullet and make the fix in the compiler/engine.

If I’m not pulling my hair out over the code, I’ll still send you guys a couple images in two weeks and update you on how the fix is going, but no new chapter until Apr 13.

Hope you enjoy!

Kayla nearly wets herself thinking about Kyle taking a firm hand with her

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