The first part of chapter 19 of “A Matter of Will” is now available.

Kayla is dressed kinda … wow! to greet the others for dinner. Bill keeps Jen from blowing up at Kayla by … well, occupying her lips with his. And with meatballs. The link below is for the freely-available version. I’ll post the link for 10$ and above patrons separately at Patreon.


Even allowing two weeks to revise the mechanism for R-rated images was slightly under what was needed. I did get the mechanism revised (just in time before we have a bit more nudity), but only got one scene of chapter 19 completed. Chapter 19 is a longer chapter anyway (a little over 3000 words, compared to an average of 2300 words per chapter). So I’m releasing what I have of chapter 19 today (it’s over half the chapter anyway). Next Thursday, I’ll release the rest of chapter 19, then we’ll get back to a new chapter every two weeks after that.

Hope you enjoy!

Kayla back

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