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Ever try to explain to someone why something isn’t necessarily a good idea, and their imagination keeps running off on sexy fantasies? Yeah, Trish too.

          Trish: C’mon, Bryan, focus: nipples!
          Bryan: Ohgod! That’s exactly what I’m focusing on!
          Trish: Bad idea! Hmm? Photos with nipples are a bad idea!
          Bryan: Bad! Naughty! (grinning) Soooo naughty! SUCH a naughty idea!

She just can’t do anything with him when he’s like this! Except, y’know … make out until his mood passes.

Well, three more pages of A Capable Businesswoman this week, on Mon, Wed and Fri. We meet Richard, our villain, on Wed, and sister Lydia takes an immediate dislike to him.

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