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No, really, he’s thinking about her making out with another woman while having her nipples teased …


This week we have A Capable Businesswoman pages 6-8 on Mon, Wed and Fri. Big sister Lydia cannot bear to be under the same roof as “that man,” so she weds a cheap knight to save her from her home life now.

The bonus “Holiday Interlude” series (today’s comic page) is running out of holiday season. However, I intend to still continue it (crikey! I have 28 pages scripted on the thing, and more to come), so will probably rename it to “Meanwhile”. Same bonus series, just a different name, since it happens “meanwhile” to the events of the Symposium series.

Also, just sayin’ … I kinda drifted off there a few seconds too thinking about Trish making out with Mrs Campbell while having her nipples teased …

I should have the Age Verification issue of the last couple weeks fixed (when you verified you were an adult, it would just prompt you again, unless you waited 15 minutes). I had caching turned off, but somehow when the plug-in upgraded, it turned itself back on.

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