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Tickle … swat … tickle … swat … tickle …

My ass is … getting so confused …

Well, this week we’ll have pages 8, 9 and 10 of Heavy Petting 6, “Mom Makes Waves.” Kevin’s home ec professor gets caught padding naked through the house after hot sex with Kevin. Kevin’s mom doesn’t take that too well, yells at the poor prof, and makes her feel like a guilty little girl. Kevin uses the whole titty-trance thing to boost her self-esteem back up — they’re both adults having consensual sex, and have nothing to be ashamed of.

In today’s comic page, Bryan is tickling and swatting Trish’s butt until she’s not sure whether it feels gooood or incredibly humiliating. Poor gal …

If a couple of the links/buttons on the site look slightly different, it’s because I’ve installed the Patreon plugin. It’s not active on any pages yet, but I wanted to try a couple test pages and work out how it all works. All new pages have been free for some months now, but we’ll be shifting back one of these days to the previous tiers, with 10$ patrons getting new works immediately, the next tier down getting them a couple months later, the next tier down a couple more months later, and then finally going to free some undetermined time later. Like I said, you shouldn’t see any significant effects while I’m playing with it, but let me know if you have any difficulties with any of the pages.

Also, I’m going to be posting a poll soon. I’ve been releasing three pages a week (on Mon, Wed and Fri) and a fourth bonus page each week (on Sun) for some months now. I think I can do even slightly better for you all. I don’t want to start two parallel storylines yet, but do think I can re-release some of the old works I took down when Patreon tweaked their guidelines. I think I can rework a couple of them (Modeling the Choker, the Second Romantic Date, etc.) to fit within the new guidelines and release them — all while still keeping up the three pages and bonus page each week.

What I’ll be asking about is scheduling — do you want one set of releases on Mon, Wed, Fri and the other Tue, Thu, Sat, with the bonus page on Sunday? Or would it work better Mon-Wed and Thu-Sat? Think about it, and I’ll be putting that poll up soon.

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