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Uhm, that, uh … really WAS a good answer, Bryan. Who wrote it for you?

This week in Heavy Petting 6, “Mom Makes Waves” (pages up on Mon, Wed and Fri) … it’s like Barb insists Kevin join her for a wine tasting … but he gets so excited he spills his wine all over the room and thinks that means the evening is over … but she emphasizes how important this is to her, and he finds that, despite spilling, his wine glass is somehow still full to the brim with wine?! Bewildered, he looks to her, but she’s … giggling proudly, like the mistress of wine …

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Meanwhile on Meanwhile page 23 (up today — link below), Bryan suddenly puts on the hat of “The Mature One” and begins spouting some very wise words, leaving Trish … well, nonplussed.


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