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Were you fantasizing about Mrs Campbell and me?!

Three more pages of “The Devotion of Theresa Simpson 1a” are up on Monday through Wednesday this week. Paul is heading home for Christmas break, without a clue that what he’ll find there will turn his world upside down … on the bus ride home, he recalls planning his Aunt Susan’s visit before her surgery …

Three more pages of “Aftermarket 2” are up on Thursday through Saturday. Greg asks his wife to bring him lunch at the office, but she’s a little leery of his boss … she’s still bewildered that she just let his boss grope her the last time she saw him … and Katie the receptionist at Greg’s work warmly greets her coworker’s wife …

Meanwhile on Meanwhile page 28 (up today — link below), Bryan tries his best to backpedal from muttering something he hadn’t intended to, but Trish knows — the little jerk was fantasizing … about HER … and Mrs Campbell, doing … THINGS!

Hope you enjoy!

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