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Trish: He’s smiling about it, isn’t he?!

Three more pages of “Diabolical Dr Diggler 1” are up on Monday through Wednesday. Trish contemplates her accidental loss of innocence … frets the evidence swimming around in her tummy … and admits her husband would be soooo jealous …

We wrapped up the second issue of Aftermarket last week. I’ve already started work on issue 3 and will post it soon.

On the Symposium front, we have three more pages of “Symposium 2” up for 10$ and above patrons, on Thursday through Saturday. Billy starts to describe “The Incident” … raps on his scars … and mentions the superpower he got in return: he can make any woman sp…

I widened three more Aftermarket 2 pages for 7$ patrons. See www.blog.fuguetales.com/patrons7/ for links. I also widened the first four pages for 3$ patrons. See www.blog.fuguetales.com/patrons3/ for links.

Meanwhile on Meanwhile (page up today — see link below) … Bryan gets comfy, nuzzling into his new pillow, and Trish bemoans her predicament …

Also, I was talking with one friend, and he hadn’t put two and two together yet. My blog site is a regular WordPress site, so if you use a newsreader, you can subscribe to https://www.blog.fuguetales.com/feed/ and get a news blurb for the comic pages I post each day of the week.

Hope you enjoy!

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