AI ver of Jen 1

Chapter 11 of book 2 of “A Matter of Will” is now available.

Yeah, while we’re in the midst of Letty and Jackson coming around karmically to meet themselves, there just aren’t any useful PG-rated images. A friend has been helping to introduce me to the vast world of AI, and we thought it might be fun to get AI’s take on Jennifer. The first one attached is pretty close to the original; the second one is a watercolor take on her.

I have two more AI takes on Jen that I’ll attach next update since chapter 12 will be pretty thoroughly nude too.

In today’s new chapter, Letty comes to realize that Jackson is her one and only. She just wishes these sexual flares would stop making her just drool to have sex with his son in front of him. It kinda cheapens her words of true love when she’s bouncing on another man’s hard-on.

Hope you enjoy! I’ll have the next chapter ready about Apr 11th.

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AI ver of Jen 2

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