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Bryan: You can stop feeling my butt up back there, Mom.(*)
(*) Technically, stepmom

I’m about 75% through this sequence I’m working on, which is a little better than I expected this week. I should finish it up in the next week. After that, 5 more sequences, and some final testing, and version 0.7 will be ready for release.

Above, Trish accidentally sprayed water on Bryan’s back and is trying to (a little too sensually) pat his butt dry with her hands. Below, Trish and Bryan started off with her in a dress, and him in a suit and tie, but through a series of misadventures are now both nearly naked. Then Bryan accidentally spills this special sauce that he has the recipe for all over Trish. He just scooped some off her and poked it in her mouth so she can confirm it is as fantastic tasting as he said it was.

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Have a great week, guys,

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