Rated R: only click images if you’re an adult not offended by strong language or sexy/sexual situations

Okay, I should have all the bugs that anyone has found fixed, including one that had cropped in with Professor Digby not showing up to ashamedly buy lingerie for her Daddy Diggler.

I also included a PDF of the game maps of the the three levels, since I was unhappy with the PNG images (they were a little fuzzy). The PDF (with a few cheat hints) is a lot sharper.

The official release (now 0.7.001) has been updated at:


The unrated Director’s Cut version (unrelated to Patreon — you do not need to be a patron to play) has also been updated. It is available separately off-site. Go over to the Dr Diggler thread at:


Go to the Feb 2 entry with the image of Trish and Susan (probably on page 8, currently the last page), and it has information on how to download a copy of the unrated Director’s Cut version.

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