Rated R: only click images if you’re an adult not offended by strong language or sexy/sexual situations

Wow! Is that Dora the Reporter with a big purple Valentine? And are those Bobby’s Mom’s Valentine nipple bumps showing on her black silk halter top?

It sounds like you guys are enjoying Dr Diggler v0.7 — and I’m delighted! It’s good to get back to working on games. I tried comics for a while, thinking I could do more frequent and regular updates (a new page every day of the week!). But as it turns out, you guys like games better. And I may do a little more comics work later in the future, but for now, games are the predominate focus.

I released two bug fixes since last weekend (at the same URLs). I also had requests to upload the online version, which I did at:


Hopefully the PDF maps are helpful? I made a minor fix there too (you need to have completed the Pussy Phone App sequence before you can catch Trish in the bathtub with her little pink friend).

This week I’ve looked at breaking the Easter egg portion out from Dr Diggler Chapter 3 as it’s own separate game. As I’ve mentioned, I’m going to release that with an update soon. In it, we can help Dr Diggler get Pauline’s university professor mom Linda to be a lot less stuffy, and a lot more sex kitten …

I also widened three more Aftermarket 2 pages for 3$ patrons (see www.blog.fuguetales.com/patrons3/ for links).

Have a great week, everyone!

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