Robin: Holy Easter eggs, Batman! That’s NOT the Easter bunny!
Batman: No, Robin … it’s not.

I’ve been taking this week off after last week’s rush to finish the logic and release “Lisa Unwound.” (Well … taking the week off other than making late horror Easter images like the above …) I’m not entirely satisfied with these two happy horror images, but they’re the best I could do and still come in less than a week late for Easter this year. Hmm, maybe I should call this guy the “Eater bunny”? He’s coming after your liver …

Yeah, probably not …

I hope everyone had a great last week and a great week coming up. I’m going to start planning some sequences with Bryan’s two aunts this week, and see where that goes. Next release will be either Dr Diggler (introducing the aunts) or Lisa Unwound — whichever gets there first.

Live well,

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