Pauline: Mom?! What are you doing with Dr Diggler’s big python?!

Well, I don’t have any images for you today. BUT, I DO have the ver. 0.5 release of “Lisa Unwound” available!

You (playing as Dr Diggler) can fascinate Pauline into becoming your little sex kitten. When her mom, stuffy old Professor Linda Williams, catches her getting naked for you, all hell breaks loose. But being your helpful Diggler self, you start to bring her around too. You can get her about halfway seduced in this version of the game. Next version, you should be able to make her your professorial sex kitten, and start on on Lisa herself …

The link to play “Lisa Unwound” is:

Next week, I’ll release a cheat/strategy to patrons to help you get Professor Williams to come around to see things your way. After that, I may release the downloadable version.

Hope things are going great (and safely) for all of you! Have a great week!

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