Fugue: Geez Louise, Doctor! Learn to use a freakn’ camera! And how did you get upside down, anyway?!

Well, it’s like Groundhog Day around here …

What I mean is that I keep repeating the same sequence of events in the game, then see if it works as desired this time. Hmm, not yet? Okay, I step into the Matrix of Diggler’s and Bryan’s and Trish’s world, rework some of the code. Ach, there’s the problem: a mistyped variable name. Okay, fix that, then Groundhog-Day it again. Yes, it works this time! Now play it through to the next part of the logic …

It eventually becomes almost boring being Neo …

Still, I am almost a mini-god to these characters. I literally create and control the very world they live in. Talk about power! Why, I control their very–

Waitaminute! What are you doing over there, Diggler?! Wait! No! Don’t press that butto–

Ha! There’s a story in there about characters taking an author hostage. It’s been done before, but there’s still more fun material to mine there.

Anyway, testing is going well enough, though I am having to fix some things to connect up correctly with each other. Still looking on track to release version 0.6 of “Lisa Unwound” next weekend. Maybe a 20% chance it might extend to the next week, but let’s hope against that.

Be safe, and have a great week, everyone!

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