Fugue: Dammit Diggler, learn to use a camera, man!

Well, I was GOING to show you a couple really hot and sexy images from the latest sequences of “Lisa Unwound”, except the grand diabolical Doctor (yes, I say that sarcastically, princess) can’t seem to get his EYEBALL AND NOSE out of the way …

Well, I got all the images and sequences pretty much done for “Lisa Unwound.” Now I need to revise some of the logic (and some of it definitely does need some reworking) and do testing. Let’s see, the month changes on Wednesday, so it’s going to be early next month when I can release it. I’m going to say two weeks from now, though I’ll release it earlier than that if the testing goes well.

You’d think you’d have all the time in the world in these socially distant times. But numerous niggling things keep coming up, and then when you do get to sit down, you can’t sit still long enough to concentrate. So it OUGHT to be done in less than two weeks, but I’m going to leave the estimate there to be safe.

Hope everyone is staying safe during these times. If you have resources to spare, reach out and help our fellow brothers and sisters less well off if you can (without actually coming closer than two meters to them, of course …).

Have a great week, everyone!

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