I hope everyone had a good and safe week! I got partway through competitive sister Elaine’s stages, but also got some interactions with Trish blocked out. Remember that Trish has been geased by Dr Diggler to be fascinated by Bryan’s — ahem — manhood in level three. She could just gaze upon if for hours — nothing more, mind you, but she could … just sit and gaze upon it …

It’s been another mostly conceptual/design week. Darn it, though, I’m almost tempted to do a couple images of Bryan and Trish keeping themselves entertained during the quarantine. If I do, I’ll share them with you guys.

The two ladies attached this week are two more likenesses awaiting characters to be. What was that old TV series? Dollhouse? I feel a little like that last week and this week — I have these couple lovelies just waiting around for someone to be …

Live well, friends,

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