Hmm, never say never again — I can’t stay away, it seems. There are just too many stories to tell.

Two years ago I told you guys my home living situation changed, and I wasn’t going to be able to put the time toward creations that you guys deserve for your generosity, and I was going to have to close up shop.

Well, after two years, home has settled down a bit, and I’ve stolen some time around the edges, and I’m really yearning to scribble and doodle some more.

So heads-up, I have two projects I’ll be releasing the starts of in weeks to come. You guys seemed to like my games more than my comics, and these will both be games. I’ll drop a few images as they get near. They’ll be free for everyone . Eventually tips will be appreciated as always (grin), but for now, just have fun and enjoy these. For the guys that have stuck with me — thank you. Utterly. I’m going to have some run codes for the games for just you guys, that will give you some special cheats and abilities in them.

Just wanted wanted to stick my head out of my lair and say I’m coming back. I have some ideas on how to better organize the games, so hopefully they’ll be better than ever.

Live well, friends,
Wolfgang Fugue