Our heroine, Angie.

I’ve told a few folks I’m going to do a short game or two that are not connected with previous series until I get my hand back in to crafting game logic (so I don’t botch anything). One of the fussiest parts (but also a fun part) of working out a story is getting the characters to look right. Once you do that, the character helps *you* figure out what she or he will do in a given set of circumstances.

This is Angie (Angeline) Holloway, a 38-year-old mother. She works at the library and always liked old Agatha Christie novels and old Murder She Wrote episodes. She’s going to get the opportunity in the upcoming game to try to solve a mystery or two, though it may turn out to be a little different than she expected. A little less glam, a little more embarrassing.

Stay tuned,