As I get my old tools dusted off and get my hand back into weaving game logic, I have two muses for the moment, both singing enticing songs.

On the one side is a game that wants to be called “Detective Chicks.” It’s more light-hearted with three cute MILF housewives that think they might have more luck solving cases than the local police, and all the terribly embarrassing predicaments that puts them in. The previous two posts are of potential characters in that game. Angela Holloway (from the post just below) is the goody-two-shoes that really didn’t expect solving mysteries would involve all this stripping and nudity.

“Detective Chicks” will be geared toward episodes, in each of which our three MILFs take on “The Mystery of …”

On the other side, a muse is singing for a family in a little town by a waterfall called “Hero Falls.” Here’s the two-sentence synopsis if I were to scribble the tale out in text (which I might):

It’s that moment, when you know the heroine is about to bring down the villain, to feed him his just desserts. Only … why is she tasting the just desserts herself instead?!

It’s more serious, maybe more sexy, and unfolds naturally in about seven episodes. Each episode has a natural ending point, where another piece of the mystery is revealed, and each episode would probably be a linked mini-game in itself.

The character above is a sketch for one of the two main female characters in episode 1. Her hair might change — I’m not totally pleased with it yet.

Anyway, I’m jotting down notes and doodling out test sketches for both. It’s really a matter of which one comes together first, which will be the first release. The other will probably be pretty quick behind the first release of the other.

I’ll keep you guys posted on progress (and I’ll upload the sketch of lady above, Julie Mosby, if I do change her hairstyle again).