Okay, picked the second project I’ll be working on at the same time as “Detective Chicks.” I usually work on two at a time, so that one can be simmering in my subconscious while I’m working on the other one and vice versa. (I’ve also been guilty at times of working on one to procrastinate on the other — but if you have two projects going, you’re still getting useful work accomplished. It’s a way of being sneakin’ and tricking your subconscious into doing more and better.)

I’ve been promising the story for “A Matter of Will” for a long time. I have the complete first draft written over the last couple years — not edited, but at least written, so there is guaranteed to be an ending for it. AMOW will have choices, but overall will be more linear than “Detective Chicks.” The pretty lady above and below is Jennifer Moore, one of our heroines, a mother that highly disapproves of her college-aged daughter’s sudden behavior changes.

With the 4th of July falling in the next couple weeks, it will probably be three weeks before I touch base with you all again. My girlfriend and I will be celebrating the holiday with her parents. I’ll wish everyone in the US a great holiday (and everyone else a great couple weeks!).

Live well,