And Sherlock Holmes never had to bare boobs to solve a case, did he?

But such seem to be the travails of cute MILF amateur sleuths. Or at least future amateur sleuths — our three ladies are just starting to get the idea of solving mysteries in this first episode.

This is Rylie Doyle, the last of our three nosy housewives — ehrr, amateur sleuths, I mean. She’s a factory worker with a college-age son that still lives at home while he attends. Her ex is — well, she refers to him as the Pr*ck, and he is not welcome at her home. Her kryptonite spot involves the small of her back — she just melts when someone strokes fingernails from the backs of her thighs up to the top of her butt cleavage. That technique is how the Pr*ck got her knocked up way back when. There’s more to that story, involving great tragedy and life-saving chance happenings, but we’ll get into that in the game.

Been busy this week scribbling more story and crafting more of our ladies’ game. More to come later …

Live well,