Whatta way to wake up

The sixth update of “A Matter of Will” is now available. Jen somehow now finds herself okay with Bill and Kayla kissing, and she tries to ignore their shenanigans. But there’s too much more than just kissing going on, and she winds up having another blowout with Bill. A blowout with fireworks.


Whew! This was a lot of work these last two weeks. I got chapter 6 ready to release. I finished rewriting my game engine (so that the code now executes at the correct times again). And I converted chapters 0 to 6 over to the new engine.

What this means for you guys is that 10$ and above patrons get a runcode (I’ll send it out shortly) to remove the obscuring flesh-colored blobs. Also, with code working, I can now add in a few special effects and perhaps a little interactivity. I’ve tested the new engine, and everything seems to be working (Edge even seems to have fixed many of the quirks of old IE), but let me know if you have any problems.

Hope you enjoy!

Live well,

2nd (failed) attempt to read Bill the riot act

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