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Chapter 2 of book 2 of “A Matter of Will” is now available.

Kayla dares Kyle to take her to Shatihra’s chamber and break her will. This time when he does it, it does work …

I’ve been muttering that I need to skip one update so that I can implement a change in the game engine, and it’s that time, so the next chapter (chapter 3) will be out Oct 5, rather than Sep 21. It’ll be a somewhat longer chapter (a little over 3100 words), so I’m hoping to wrap up the fix to the game engine in less than two weeks and squeeze out a couple extra days to start early on chapter 3. I’ll still post an update in two weeks and let you know if the fix went quickly or was stubborn. Plus, I doodle a little on potential new characters while I watch television, and I’ll include a couple of those so you have something prettier to look at than my lizardian mug.

The link below is for the freely-available version. I’ll post the links for 10$ and above supporters separately at Patreon and SubscribeStar.


Hope you all enjoy!

If you get impatient and want to read ahead to see how the story ends, the entire series is now available at Amazon and at Smashwords.

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