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Chapter 1 of book 2 of “A Matter of Will” is now available.

Kyle commits to helping Bill battle Victor. The guy sounds like a dangerous bastard, but the alternative is tragically unthinkable. He also uncovers what made Jennifer so insanely horny last night. She’s, uhm, pretty grateful to him for that.

I just barely got this update done in time. Up to now, the longest chapter was about 100 passages. This update was about 136 passages, including the extra images with the “Previously” section. My adhesive lizardian fingers are pretty tired at this point. Next update will be in two weeks, as usual (I’m going to hold off on the changes to Mouse for at least another chapter).

The link below is for the freely-available version. I’ll post the links for 10$ and above supporters separately at Patreon and SubscribeStar.


Hope you all enjoy!

If you get impatient and want to read ahead to see how the story ends, the entire series is now available at Amazon and at Smashwords.

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