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Our heroine Patricia comes across hanging-on-the-wall proof that sometimes, when the flash of the camera keeps going off, we get a little carried away with our modeling. But did her stepson really need to hang proof of that up on his apartment wall, where she’ll be reminded of it every time she passes up the hallway?!

On Monday of this week, I’ll have the links to the collected pages of Symposium issue 1 ready for you all.

On Wednesday and Friday, we’ll start the first two pages of “Brainstormers 2: A Capable Businesswoman”. Cute stepmom runs her business and her family with the same firm hand. Hero and cute stepsister are still at home, attending college, and are bewildered by how strange their stepmom is acting for her new boyfriend …

It’s actually a mild horror story in the end. It’ll run about 20 pages.

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