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Let me be your bra … ?

You wanna be my bra, Bryan?! Uhmmmm, yeah, see: I don’t know about that …


Trish gets even colder feet as Bryan tries to turn Strip Study into a cozy little fondling session. Will Bryan get his way and measure the tantalizing heft of the girls? Or will Trish balk and put them away? Stay tuned …

This week, we’ll have the second recap page to remind you where we left off, and then the first two pages of Heavy Petting 6, “Mom Makes Waves.” Barb starts feeling a little claustrophobic as Kevin beds one after another of her close friends. It’s almost like he’s sexually painting her into a corner from which she won’t be able to escape the … well, the utterly unthinkable. She might have adopted him shortly after he was born, but still … THAT is utterly unthinkable. Even though he hasn’t mentioned it, THAT is simply not happening. And he just needs to behave his MILF-loving butt and … quit tempting her!


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