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It’s a little hard to reclaim parental (or stepparental) authority after you’ve … purred and moaned in pleasure …

This week in Heavy Petting 6, “Mom Makes Waves” (pages up on Mon, Wed and Fri) … Barb complains that Kevin is not allowed to boink the married ones, even if they really, really want it … then she complains that all her MILFy friends have just melted for the young man … and she gets him to promise to stop thrilling the damned sluts and pay more attention to her.

Also this week, I’m still working out a workflow with the Patreon plugin, so will be posting the wisecracks for the three Heavy Petting pages on Tue, Thu and Sat for 10$ patrons (and I’ll widen the release next week or so).

Meanwhile on Meanwhile page 21 (up today — link below), it’s hard to wrestle parental authority back from your adult stepson after you’ve (gulp) purred for him, but Trish gives it a try.


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