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Y’know, just sayin’ … if Trish and Mrs Campbell WERE to have hot lesbian sex, Mrs Campbell would be the aggressor …

This week in Heavy Petting 6, “Mom Makes Waves” (pages up on Mon, Wed and Fri) … Kevin and Barb define the roles in their relationship … Barb now understands libido-melted minds … and Kevin helps her through the rest of the night …

Last week’s little wisecracks for 10$ patrons are widened to 5$ patrons this week — go to www.blog.fuguetales.com/patrons7/ for them. As always, let me know if you have any difficulties accessing them. And we have 3 new little wisecracks this week for 10$ patrons, on Tue, Thu, and Sat.

Meanwhile on Meanwhile page 25 (up today — link below), Bryan just … y’know … kinda muses if Trish and Mrs Campbell WERE to have scorching hot lesbian sex — just, y’know, if they WERE to — then Mrs Campbell would likely be the aggressor … dontcha think?


And more news, as I promised last week (should be good for most folks) …

Well, we’re coming up on the end of this issue of Heavy Petting — it has 44 pages, so we’ll wrap it up late next week. After that, I’ll be changing my update schedule a little (I think most people will be pleased with the changes). I’m still waiting for answers on some of the technical questions I’ve asked, so some flexibility may be needed there, but here’s the tentative plan.

The last several months I’ve been updating 3 days a week, plus a 4th bonus update on Sundays. Starting in July, I’m going to try to increase that to updating 7 days a week.

On Mondays through Wednesdays, I’ll be releasing free updates. Initially this will be reworked stuff, so I can get some of the things I had to take down (Theresa Simpson, the Dr Diggler peek-ahead stories, etc.) working under the new Patreon guidelines and back up for you guys.

On Thursdays through Saturdays, I’ll be releasing patron updates. First up will be Aftermarket issue 2 (can Jeanine find out more about WHY she’s just letting her hubby’s boss grope her? also, why are the head guys at Greg’s work looking at the secretary, Katie, like she’s a fine dessert?). After that, we’ll start the second issue of Symposium (where we learn a little more of Lisa’s story before Bryan and Trish go on that double date with her and Dr Diggler).

Also in July, I’ll be simplifying the Patreon tiers some. Over the past many months I’ve had numerous tiers so that everyone could pay whatever support they wanted to. In July I’m going to simplify that down to just 4 tiers, similar to what I had long ago. The main tier is the 10$ tier — this gets you updates as I complete them. The 20$ tier gets you those same updates PLUS your name in the credits as a supporter of the arts and an all-around fantastic person and great human being. The 7$ tier gets patron updates about 2 months later (sometimes 1 month) after they’re completed. And the 3$ tier gets patron updates about 4 months later (sometimes 3 months). I’ve increased the 1$ tier to 3$ since, as Patreon puts it, 1$ patronage just keeps the payment processors fed and turning, and nothing much really makes it to the creator. Finally, after a creation is out for about 6 months or more for patrons, I may release it for free for everyone.

Finally, on Sundays I’ll still have the bonus update with news and with the “Meanwhile” series, where we’ve been watching Bryan and Trish work out their pecking order while everything else is going on.

More good news for the Dr Diggler fans: I have enough already completed on the new Aftermarket and Symposium issues that I can work on them part-time and still make the schedules I’ve set. So my main focus for the next few months will be to complete Mouse (previously called Ganesha, a game compiler and engine that I use to power my games) and to finish and release the next version of the Dr Diggler game. This will be more in the style of the first game, and less like the chapter 3 release with the Symposium (which some didn’t enjoy as much as the first release).

I’m fairly confident I can keep up the 7-days-a-week of updates (if I weren’t, I wouldn’t start it). But I do reserve the right to cry uncle and drop back to 4 updates a week if it gets to be too much after some months. I don’t expect that to happen, but there is a small possibility.

Well, that’s it for news. I think under the new schedule everyone gets at least as many goodies as they’ve been getting, and some get quite a bit more. Hopefully it’s a win-win-win development.

Live well,

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