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That’s nice of Susan: to help Trish off with her clothes while she speaks with Dr Diggler …

The next release of the Diabolical Dr is now available! You guys said you prefer games to comics, and today I make good on that.

The link to download is:


As usual: download it, unzip it into some folder, then browse the DDD.html file in that folder to play the game.

I’m trying something new and including a “map” for each level. NOTE: these three files DO contain SPOILERS! So you might want to try playing before looking at the maps.

The maps have names like “DDD_0.7_level2map.png”. The names in the boxes on the maps correspond to the passage that appears at the top center of the webpages in gray. The boxes colored green are the new stuff with this release. The boxes colored gold/orange contain cheats to get through difficult parts. Just ignore the yellow- and gray-colored boxes. Level 3 is minimal, since you just enter level 3 at the end of version 0.7. But level 3 will get lots more boxes as we flesh it out in future releases.

This version has a handful of pages with little angel censors, where the scene broaches a hard-R rating — so that it fully complies with Patreons guidelines. There will be an unrated Director’s Cut version released separately soon that is entirely separate from this version and free for everyone. You will not need to be a patron to play it. I’ll post about it shortly on my blog.

Hope you enjoy!

Besides the version 0.7 release, I’ll also widen the preview game for 3$ patrons in a separate message to patrons shortly after this one.

I also widened three more Aftermarket 2 pages for 3$ patrons (see www.blog.fuguetales.com/patrons3/ for links).

Have a great week, everyone!

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